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English Language Institute (ELI) - Immersion Excursion Information


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Immersion Excursion (IE) Program for Groups

Short-term (2-4 weeks) experiences in the United States

The Immersion Excursion program serves international students and educators visiting America to study English as a Second Language. You will practice conversational English and enjoy excursions that showcase the culture of the American south and US History. Participants will return to their home country with improved English skills, a fresh understanding of American culture, and firsthand knowledge of an American community.

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What We Offer

The IE program is based on the beautiful campus of Columbus State University (CSU) at the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center (EBTC). Our instructors are TESOL certified, and an assistant accompanies the group during all excursions. Cost includes tuition, teaching materials, hotel accommodations, meals, excursion entrance fees and transportation to and from Atlanta International Airport to Columbus, Georgia. A 3-day weekend in Atlanta is part of the schedule, and the schedule is tailored to meet the specific needs and wants of the group.

Program Cost

The cost of the IE program varies depending on the number of participants, the length of stay, and the number of cultural activities. Optimal pricing begins with groups of 20 or more middle school, high school, or university students; the cost decreases as the number of participants increase.

Additional Details

ESL Instruction: Participants take an online placement test to determine their level of English proficiency. You will receive English as a Second Language instruction each day with a certified instructor. Areas of study include Reading, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening, Writing, Grammar, and Speaking. The amount of English instruction varies by group. Our typical package includes 12-15 hours of instruction per week.

Excursions: A unique component of our programs is exposure to U.S. culture. Afternoons, evenings, and weekends are reserved for excursions to various sites, events and attractions in and around Columbus, GA. Excursion packages can be designed to give a taste of US culture with a focus on the Southern experience, or the excursion can be more academic and designed to expose students to the history and values of the people of the United States. A CSU chaperone will accompany the group from the end of class time each day until returning to the hotel each night. Interpreter services are provided if needed.

Hotel Accommodations: Participants will have clean and comfortable accommodations at a hotel adjacent to the University with double occupancy. These arrangements are included in the cost of the program.

Meals: The program cost includes three meals a day, most of which are provided by CSU’s dining facilities; some meals, at local restaurants, are part of the cultural experience. Meals that are the responsibility of the student will be indicated in the final Immersion Excursion package.

Transportation: Once a group lands at the airport, all ground transportation is provided by the CSU Transportation Department. Our fleet of air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled buses will carry you to all excursions, overnight accommodations, and transport you to and from the airport.

Certificate of Completion: When you make new friends and discover a new family in America, it is often hard to say “good-bye.” Our program ends with a farewell ceremony in which we recognize the participants’ achievements with an ESL learning certificate, a video for each participant highlighting their journey, and a luncheon to complete the experience.

Program Add-ons

The following features can be added to a group’s activities at an additional cost:

  • Use of CSU recreation center (Swimming, Gymnasium, Weights, Treadmills, etc.)
  • 3-day weekend to Disney World
  • Up to 15 additional hours of intensive English instruction per week
  • J1 visa participants receive access to all CSU student facilities and services, including medical insurance, during their stay.

Visa Information

Usually, IE groups enter the United States using a B1 visa. Groups who visit with the stated purpose of enrolling in a program of intensive English study must enter using a J1 visa. CSU can process J1 visas at a per-person rate. Additional fees are required to be added to an excursion whose participants enter the country on a J1 visa. Participants who are interested in enrolling full-time at Columbus State University for the ESL or Undergraduate program must have an F1 visa. Participants in the IE program can meet with the CSU International admissions representative for assistance in applying for enrollment and visa.

For more information or to request a proposal, please contact us at or call 706 507 8521.