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Activ8 Academy


Our special program for little genuises 4-5 or 6-7 years old. Every week has a new theme for kids to dive into with a variety of arts, crafts, games, and songs! Check out this summer's Academy themes:

Week 1: May 28-May 31
Under the Sea
Dive deep into the ocean to explore the great unknown!
We'll learn about sea  creatures and how to keep their habitats clean.
Don't be afraid to splash around as we play fun games and make crafts!

Week 2: June 3-June 7
Cars, Trains, and Airplanes!
Travel with us this week!
We'll discover ways to reach new locations and understand how to get there.
Use your imagination as we build and travel on your own bike, boat, and automobile! 

Week 3: June 10-June 14
Doc McStuffins
Become a vet this week!
Learn how to care for your furry friends, from grooming and feeding to exercise and play.
You'll learn ways to train your pets and how to show them your love!
Your four-legged friends will love the tips & tricks you learn - and so will you!

Week 4: June 17-June 21
Enjoy a week out on the farm!
You'll create and operate your own farm stand, and learn about how important farmer are.
We'll make tasty recipes with fresh ingredients all week!

Week 5: June 24-June 28
Superhero Central
Discover what it takes to be a superhero!
Create your own heroic character and experience exciting adventures everyday!
You'll solve mysteries, fight crime, and hunt villains. Come save the day!

Week 6: July 1-July 5
America the Beautiful!
Celebrate Independence Day the Activ8 way!
Play and create as you discover fun facts about the United States, our national treasures, and why we celebrate July 4th.
(No camp on July 4)

Week 7: July 8-July 12
To Infinity & Beyond!
Take a rocket into the galaxy!
You'll learn about the planets in our solar system and discover what makes our universe so unique.
Explore the sun's power and how it energizes us every day!

Week 8: July 15-July 19
Music Fiesta!
Join us this week and feel the rhythm!
You'll create your own instruments and learn how sound waves are all around us!
Discover different forms of music from all over the world, and create an appreciation for the sounds you hear every day!

Week 9: July 22-July 26
Christmas in July
Christmas is 5 months away, and it's never too early to start celebrating!
Spend a week getting in the Christmas spirit by learning new holiday songs and creating ornaments for your tree! 

Week 10: July 29-August 2
Travel back in time to a place where dinosaurs walked the earth!
Spend a week learning about prehistoric animals and how they mysteriously disappeared.
You'll make crafts and create your very own little dino!

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