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Activ8 Academy


Our special program for little genuises 4-5 or 6-7 years old. Every week has a new theme for kids to dive into with a variety of arts, crafts, games, and songs! Check out this summer's Academy themes:

Week 1: May 26-29
Color Wonder
Your world is full of color! Join us for an exciting week of learning how rainbows
are made, why the sky is blue and the grass is green! Learn about primary and secondary
colors and experiment with colors you never new existed! Take home crayons you’ve made yourself!

Week 2: June 1-5
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
It’s a beautiful day in the Activ8 neighborhood, join us! We’ll celebrate friendship,
learning, and kindness! We’ll sing some catchy songs and learn how deal when you’re mad, glad,
happy or sad! Then we’ll create our own sock puppets and put on show! Won’t you be our neighbor?

Week 3: June 8-12
Lego World
Everything is awesome! This week we’ll have fun with Legos and participate in Lego-themed
activities! Learn to work together with your fellow campers to construct you’re dream Lego
building! Create your own giant Lego to take home with you!

Week 4: June 15-19
Superhero Summer
Let’s get strong this summer! We’ll help you develop a superhero costume ideas, and
build your outfit out of recyclable materials! You’ll create a basket that will be perfect for
taking your crafts home! You’ll have a heroic good time!

Week 5: June 22-26
Outdoor Explorers
The world is your oyster, let’s explore it! This camp will focus on the skills you’ll
need to be the ultimate explorer! Learn the tools you’ll need to build a fire and how to pitch
a tent! We’ll learn some fun campfire songs and make up our own spooky stories!

Week 6: June 29 - July 2
Star Spangled Spirit
Let’s celebrate America! This week we will sing patriotic songs and create crafts for the
holiday! We’ll write letters of gratitude to service members, and discuss some history
behind the founding of our nation! We love the USA!

Week 7: July 6-10
The Greatest Show!
Dance your way through this week! We’ll practice how to juggle and use our
imagination to jump through hoops of fire! We’ll learn some Broadway
classics and make our own cotton candy!

Week 8: July 13-17
Bugs, Slugs, and Crawlers
Join us for a week of fascinating adventures! We’ll construct a net to catch crickets,
butterflies, and lightening bugs! Then we’ll learn about the importance of a bug’s life in our
ecosystem. No need to feel squeamish - bugs are our friends!

Week 9: July 20-24
Mickey Mouse Club
Hot dog! This will be a fun week of learning simple math skills, and exploring our creativity!
Learn the origin of Mickey Mouse and all your favorite Disney characters. We’ll
sing along to catchy Mickey Mouse tunes and make a lot of crafts and activities!

Week 10: July 27-31
Old McDonald's Farm
Get your cowboy boots ready, we’ll need them this week! Let’s learn about the
important role of farm animals and the dedicated people that care for them.
We’ll do some farm related activities and sing some old country songs!

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