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Activ8 Activ8ers


Activ8ers include our 8-11 year-old campers. From brain training to sports and dance, they can choose a class to fit their active and creative lifestyle. Most camps are held in the Elizabeth Turner Bradley Center (EBTC). Sports camps are held at the CSU Student Recreation Center and iTech camps are at the Center for Commerce and Technology. Drop off and pick up is at the EBTC. This summer we are excited to offer the following features:

  • Each session is two weeks long and consists of STEAM curriculum and dance.
  • Each camp is a pod with no more than 10 campers who stay together for 2 weeks depending on the chosen theme.
  • Activ8ers decides if they want to attend full day camps from 8am-5pm, AM camps from 8am-12pm and/or PM camps from 1pm-5pm.
  • Campers will be wearing masks, physically distancing, and practicing good hygiene.
  • We offer convenient outdoor pick-up and drop-off, extended hours, outdoor "mask break" areas, and more!
Activ8er Full Day Session Themes (8am-5pm)
Outer Space Odyssey Hold on tight as your imagination goes intergalactic for the next two weeks! Explore the moon, program a robot, complete otherworldly experiments and out-of-this-world activities while you learn about planets, far away galaxies, and more!
Planet Earth Come investigate Earth, the only planet known to support human life. Examine our home planet's environments, identify the different spheres of this special sphere, and get to know its inhabitants over many stages of development. Through technology, science, and creativity, you'll learn all about our special home!
Time Travelers Prepare for the future by traveling to the past! Explore the concepts of time and multiple dimensions. Create your own time machine and imagine life as a cave dweller, a feudal Japanese warrior, a member of royalty, an early aviator, and more! Unravel the mysteries of history and make smart choices for the future!
Global Citizens Thanks to technology, you can easily connect with anyone at any location around the world! You are a global citizen! Discover languages and explore cultures from around the globe, use technology, art, and social science to engage in fun activities that focus on global issues and what it means to be a global citizen.
Art Explorers Creativity has no limits and neither do you! Music, technology, visual arts, and the science of movement all come together for two weeks of arts adventure! Whether you want to pursue a passionate career in the arts or find a new favorite art hobby, discover how to make art an important part of your life.

Session 1: June 1 - June 11
Pod Blue- Outer Space Odyssey (full day)
Pod Red - Art Explorers (full day)
Afternoon Pod -Python Programmers & Rocket Kart Racers (1pm-5pm)
Session 2: June 14 - June 25
Pod Blue- Planet Earth (full day)
Pod Red - Time Travelers (full day)
Rock Climbing & Swim Camp - 8am-12pm
Afternoon Pod - ROBLOX Makers & Minecraft Engineers (1pm-5pm)
Session 3: June 28 - July 9 (No camp on July 5)
Pod Blue- Time Travelers(full day)
Pod Red - Global Citizens (full day)
Rock Climbing & Swim Camp - 8am-12pm
Afternoon Pod - JavaScript Developer Jam & ROBLOX Coders (1pm-5pm)
Session 4: July 12 - July 23
Pod Blue- Global Citizens (full day)
Pod Red - Planet Earth (full day)
Afternoon Pod - Minecraft Modders & YouTube Content Creators(1pm-5pm)
Session 5: July 26 - August 6
Pod Blue- Art Explorers (full day)
Pod Red - Outer Space Odyssey (full day)
Rock Climbing & Swim Camp - 8am-12pm
Afternoon Pod - eSports Apprentice: Streamers & Gamers & YouTube FX Masters (1pm-5pm)

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