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Activ8 Activ8ers


Activ8ers include our 8-11 year-old campers. From brain training to sports and dance, they can choose a class to fit their active and creative lifestyle. Most camps are held in the Elizabeth Turner Bradley Center (EBTC). Sports camps are held at the CSU Student Recreation Center and iTech camps are at the Center for Commerce and Technology. Drop off and pick up is at the EBTC. 

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Camp Categories (not separated by age)

Brain Training: The most educational aspect of our program without the textbooks! You’ll get to participate in hands-on science experiments, real life math projects and other creative projects.

Create-A-Lot: You have never seen this many arts and crafts options in one place–from sewing to jewelry making, art projects and more!

iTech: Build computer skills for the real world. You’ll create Lego Robots, learn how to animate and can even learn to design your own game.

iTech:Synovus Center for Commerce and Technology (CCT) Expand your robotics and computer coding knowledge at CSU's Center for Commerce and Technology

Scienceologies: With absolutely no textbooks, you’ll learn to be a CSI, learn about planets, perform experiments and participate in other fun projects.

Sports & Dance: A multitude of sports to choose from and a variety of dance camps that will keep you active all summer long.