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Summer 2021 Camps are Almost Over!!

For summer 2021, we are making up for lost time. That is why each Activ8 session lasts two weeks! This summer your kids will have even more time to discover, create, and engage in science, technology, arts, and language. Spots are very limited, so register early to reclaim summer! 

  • We are staying engaged by taking a thematic approach, with a new, adventurous theme each session featuring activities from our exciting Brain Training, iTech, Create-a-lot, Scienceologies, and Sports & Dance categories. The activities scaffold to include cooperative learning, problem solving, critical thinking, and hands-on experiences. 
  • We are staying happy with convenient, outdoor pick-up and drop-off, extended hours, outdoor "mask break" areas, and more! 
  • We are staying safe by remaining in pods of 10 campers for each session of two weeks, wearing masks, physically distancing, practicing good hygiene, as well as all the other important safety measures you have come to expect from Activ8. 


Activ8 includes: