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English Language Institute (ELI)

What's Special About the ELI?

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Columbus State University was established in 2002 to offer many different opportunities to learn English.

The ELI offers English classes for students at beginning to advanced English levels. Each program is designed to meet different English learning needs and purposes.

ELI Programs Purposes
The Intensive English Program
Prepares students to achieve goals for university study and advanced career opportunities. I-20 available; meets SEVIS requirements.
Immersion Excursion
Provides groups of university students with 3-4 week cultural and linguistic experiences in a U.S. university.
Summer English Experience
Provides opportunities for students to learn General and Travel English in two short term courses.
English for Specific Purposes
Provides English learning related to specific business, military, or organizational needs.


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