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Student Testimonials

Here's what past ELI students are saying:

ELI has taught me a lot about English, and more than that, ELI taught me about people, cultures and life. I had the opportunity to share those classrooms with people from all over the world, being heard and helped by lovely and careful teachers. I am a medical student in Brazil and I am pretty sure that my experience in ELI will help me during my professional life, just as much as it has been helping me in my personal life, once it made me a more comprehensive and multicultural person.

—Mayumi K., Brazil

They gave us the perfect way to improve by giving us the opportunity to make healthy relationships with the students. Also they make us involved in a lot of activities that helped our English. The most powerful thing is the relationship that the teachers try to build with the students and how they figure out our weaknesses to work on it.

—Mark S., Egypt

Since joining the ELI, my English ability has improved. When I first came here, I did not understand what people say to me and I could not talk with CSU students. I did not even know how to write essays. But now, I can talk with people and understand what they say. I can write an essay too! Thanks to the ELI, I became a CSU freshman. (Thank you so much ELI and Paige and Cindy.)

—Seongmi C., South Korea